Our Story

At Thread, we're dedicated to enhancing the enterprise experience by solving complex problems that companies face. It all began with Akeem and Harsha, two friends who crossed paths in 2019 during their time at Microsoft. The spark was immediate.

The Team Meets

Akeem and Harsha shared a common aspiration of entrepreneurship and had previous involvement in drop shipping and startup ventures. What united them most was their strong desire to transform how large enterprises address their challenges.

By 2021, the world was grappling with numerous issues, particularly the widespread adoption of remote work. Akeem and Harsha personally encountered these challenges, wishing to enjoy quality time together without being tethered to constant on-call work demands.

Transforming Enterprise Problem Solving

This is where the journey of Thread took flight. Akeem and Harsha collaborated to create a platform focused on revolutionizing the way enterprises handle their unique challenges. Their vision was to empower engineers to collaborate seamlessly, respond promptly to problems, and still maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Today, Thread is synonymous with professionalism and cutting-edge solutions. Our team of brilliant engineers, led by Akeem and Harsha, relentlessly strives to ensure that enterprises navigate their obstacles with ease.

Thread's story is one of camaraderie, unwavering dedication, and innovation. We stand firmly behind large enterprises, offering them the tools and expertise to navigate their complex problems with confidence. And our commitment to progress is unwavering, as we continuously seek fresh approaches to simplify the lives of engineers, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: shaping the future.

Harsha Vankayalapati

Co-Founder of Thread, Ex-Microsoft

Akeem Williams

Co-Founder of Thread, Ex-Microsoft and Ex-Polimorphic