Why Platform building is Important

Discover how Thread is transforming into an Enterprise SaaS platform with enhanced customizability, inspired by insights from the YC Alumni Reunion.


Picture this:

3,000 founders gathered at a Y Combinator Alumni reunion, all eager to share their insights and experiences. Among them was a speaker who delivered a message that resonated deeply with our journey at Thread – the transition from a one-off solution to becoming a full-fledged Enterprise SaaS platform. This pivotal moment of enlightenment came from none other than Parker Conrad, the CEO of Rippling.

In this blog post, we'll explore how Thread is taking strides towards becoming a true platform by embracing the power of customizability.

From One-Off Solutions to Enterprise SaaS Platforms:

Parker Conrad's wisdom echoed in our ears as he stressed the importance of transcending mere software and evolving into platforms. Enterprise SaaS, he explained, should be more than just a set of tools; it should be a solution that adapts to the unique challenges faced by each company.

The Challenge of A, B, C, and the Emergence of X, Y, Z:

Companies often start by addressing specific problems – let's call them "A, B, and C." However, as they grow and evolve, they inevitably encounter new challenges, represented here as "X, Y, and Z." These unforeseen hurdles make it nearly impossible to provide out-of-the-box solutions for every issue.

This is where customizability comes into play. Allowing users to tailor the software to their specific needs ensures comprehensive coverage of all potential problems, from the known to the unknown.

Thread's Approach to Customization:

Understanding the significance of customizability, Thread has embarked on a journey to empower our users to adapt our platform to their unique requirements. But, we also understand that we can't simply pass all the hard work onto our customers.

We've taken the initiative to integrate some of the most important tools natively into our product, including Jira, Slack, Github, and Datadog. These integrations make it easier for our users to streamline their workflow and get the most out of Thread.

However, we also recognize that not every company's incident management stack looks the same. To bridge this gap, we're thrilled to announce that we are diligently working on an open-source integration tool. This tool will ensure that Thread remains a platform-first solution, and customizations become seamlessly accessible to all our customers.


As we look to the future, Thread is committed to evolving into a true Enterprise SaaS platform. We've embraced the philosophy that customization is key to meeting the diverse needs of our users. By building an open-source integration tool and offering native integrations, we aim to strike the perfect balance between platform capabilities and user customizability.

We are excited to keep you updated on our progress and invite you to join us on this journey as we strive to empower companies to tackle not just problems "A, B, C," but also those unforeseen challenges "X, Y, Z." Together, we will continue to shape the future of Enterprise SaaS.

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