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On Premises, Private Intranet ChatGPT

Let Customer Service Drive Revenue

Thread can optimize data gathered from customer support, transforming Customer Support into a Profit Center. Your Customer Support channels represent the most direct means through which you communicate with your customers. We leverage data from these interactions to develop personas for each of your customers, simplifying customer success. Learn More...

Simplify Customer Engagement

Are you tired of spending hours analyzing trends in customer feedback? Unsure of how to prioritize customer issues effectively? With our lightweight CRM and Project Management dashboard, Thread users can effortlessly categorize customer feedback into actionable items and seamlessly prioritize these tickets as engineering tasks.  Learn More...

Make Customer Service a Team Sport

In today's business world, customer success relies on diverse and intricate demands that often fall outside a single team's core expertise. Empower your technical customer support agents to handle up to 10 times more enquiries, and supercharge their ability to write tickets for the engineering team. Learn More...

Keep Customer Data Secure with Thread

Our platform is SOC-2 compliant and is tailored for enterprise use. Unlike other tools, you can rest easy, knowing that your sensitive customer data won't be used to train external models. Read our Security White Paper to learn more.

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